Healthly Options to Reduce Stress – A Discussion

I recently polled our newsletter subscribers and asked them one question.

“What is one thing that interests you about stress reduction?”

Hundreds of people responded with a very similar answer.

“What are the healthy options to help reduce stress?”

That is a really dynamic question to answer and can be sliced into a few categories. When you Google “how do I reduce stress?” over 29 million results come up. There are lots of opinions on what people think will work. You would think the answer is relatively easy. For sure someone has figured it out right?

A few of the top things that came up as dove into the options.

  • Mediate
  • Breathe Deeply
  • Slow Down
  • Laugh
  • Music
  • Exercise
  • Drink Tea
  • Be Grateful
  • Sleep
  • Medicate

When you break down the science of our bodies, you have to understand what chemicals actually cause stress. I will cover that in a separate post. But why do some of us deal with stress different than others?

For example in the 8 years that I have been married, I don’t think I have ever seen my mother in law upset. This is in 6 hour car rides to California with 4 kids. This is working as a teacher putting in long hours and still making dinner when she comes home. This is calmly asking my 3 year old son Noah to stop throwing the toys at his sister. Me on the other hand have had to catch myself from diving out the window of a moving car to avoid losing it.

I would love to hear some of your thoughts on dealing with stress and what you have found to be successful. If you are not into yoga, meditating or working out – what can you do? The numbers will say that 80% of Americans don’t participate in the previous mentioned activities. So how do most cope?

Medication, alcohol, drugs, food, indulgence.

We are going to break down the science of how your body produces stress, ways to curb the stimulant and with healthy activity actually getting into amazing mental shape. I have become a human guinea pig over the past 60 days, keeping a journal my progress in the day and evening. I have felt more focused and less edgy than in years remembered.

Let’s not get it twisted; there is no magic pill that will solve things. Just a few options to assist in controlling what gets produced when stress is created.

I am a pretty passionate dude, who still feels a bit edgy. Not sure that will ever change.

But hey that is who I am – and that’s ok with me.



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