One Thing You Can do to be Happier Today

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One Thing You Can do to be Happier Today

Accordingly to the Bureau of Labor Statistics we spend less than 10% of our daily time doing things outside of work and sleep. That is a huge majority of your time on this planet working. Now think about your week and put this into context – how happy are you on average? When people in the office ask you how you are doing, what is your response? I see easily over 100 people a day on average. From the start of the day to the end, people ask the same question. “How are you?”

My answer is one of the two.

  1. I’m doing amazing
  2. Best day ever

Don’t let those answers fool you. I didn’t eat a bowl of rainbows this morning and I didn’t win the lottery. Chances are, just like you I am dealing with some sort of adversity. Yet if I start my day sharing that I am doing “amazing” by the end of my day when I am reflecting I notice something interesting. After saying this repeatedly, I have tricked my mind into something. I actually had a good day in the over all perspective of things.

Think about this for a moment. If close to a majority of the time someone asks you how you are doing and your reply is either “i’m ok” or some sort of complaint, how do you feel at the end of the day?

Spoiler alert – I will bet you feel like crap and had a below or average day.

I challenge you to try the above tactic today, and let me know how you feel when you reflect on your drive home.



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