Do Epic Shit – The Sean Whalen Interview

Sean Whalen Podcast

I was introduced to our first guest through a mutual friend and was immediately drawn to his uncanny ability to speak from the heart. He has over 50,000 followers on social media. His audience actively engaged in dialog and debate. His videos have been shared and seen over 5 Million times and continue to grow.

In this interview we cover his rise to building a multimillion dollar enterprise to his daily routine. We discuss how he uses social media to drive dialog in his audience & how he uses Facebook to capture new business opportunities and attract customers. We go through his journey, hardships and why he continues to do what he loves and how he focuses on doing EPIC SHIT!

He has competed in the IronMan, trained and fought mixed martial arts and started multi million dollar real-estate businesses – twice! 

Without further adieu – We welcome our interview with Mr. Sean Whalen.
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   Click Here to Listen to the  the interview

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