How One Man Moved a Mountain, No Really

There is an old saying about tackling big tasks. 

  • Q. How do you eat an elephant?
  • A: One bite at a time

The lesson in this, although simple is to take on large challenges or issues one step at a time. There is now way to eat the elephant whole – you have to take it piece by piece.

Karmatube posted a great video feature of Mr. Dashrath Manjhi and his journey to literally move a mountain.

“Dashrath Manjhi, also referred to as the “Mountain Man,” spent 22 long years breaking a mountain. It all started when his wife, who was trekking the mountain to bring him food, fell down and got hurt. He said to himself – everyone is born to eat, work and sleep, so why not do one thing in life which is beneficial for his wife and for others and that will serve for a long time to come?

He sold his 3 goats so he could buy the hammer and chisel needed to break the 300 foot mountain. After 22 years of daily toil, working from 4 to 8am and again, after 1pm, he carved a road 30 feet in breadth and 360 feet in length. The people from his village could now access doctors, schools and jobs. 55 years later, the Dashrath Manjhi Welfare Trust has been started to set up an employment training school for local youth. Even after his death, Dashrath Manjhi is still alive as his work has inspired thousands in his village and beyond, and will remain an inspiration for future generations.” Source Karmatube

What mountain will you move today?


The Healthy Primate

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